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Emil Cardinalli
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Hello, this is Akuto! I'm an aspiring writer, but I also dabble into art every once in a while. It's been my dream to write children's and young adult fiction since I was young, but I'm very slow (hopefully I'll be able to put up some of my work soon, though). My art style is fairly generic and anime-like, but I'm working hard to improve and make it my own. I also take photos of cosplay from the conventions I've been to.

My most prominent interest is anime/manga, but I also love a wide variety of shows, video games, books, and hobbies to keep me well-rounded. I especially love Homestuck right now and much of my work revolves around it, but I assure you that it by far isn't the only thing I draw. I also draw some ponies, Pokemon, various OCs/original ideas, and other miscellaneous anime things.

I am the founder of The Secret Society of Fiction Writers, which is a group I've made for the purpose of helping fellow authors grow and improve their skills. Feel free to join! If you have trouble in the group please come to me personally.

Most anything else you could know about me can be found in my stamps!


Ah, also sketch requests are open to the public again! I'll only do them if they sound interesting, have the energy/time, and if I know the series/have a ref, but otherwise go ahead and ask!!
taking nsfw commissions now! they won't be on dA, which I plan to keep sfw, but if you're interested you can follow

please check my updated commission sheet for more info ^^
Oh shit, I finally have a Fancy Llama!

And it only took me 6 years!!! :D
Tagged by :iconamykittenfox: once again

1)Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three or more other people.
4) Your allowed to tag back. (optional)

Gem Story came up again, and I only have one other character in that so...Meraud

1) Hello! What's your full name? Do you like your name?
"My name is Meraud...something to do with emeralds. Hey, I'm not dumb, blame the author guy!"

*didn't even read the note*

"I guess my name's given name also means emerald, but when your family is the world's leading exporter of emeralds they kind of stop caring about originality."

2) Neat name! How old are you?
"I'm fifteen, the youngest and best knight-in-training of all time. >:^) "

3) What exactly are you?
"I just said, I'm a knight. The best one. Keep up."

4)  Hmm, what's your favorite food/drink?
"The head chef at my estate makes the best egg sucks that I can't have it anymore. If I could, I'd have him make some for Raiz! Ah, I also like hot apple cider."

5) Cool! Have any siblings? If not, have you ever wanted any?
"I'm an only child. Not that it matters, my parents are too busy to talk to me anyway, so if I had any I'd never see them. ^^; Oh, but I'd love to have a little sister that can look up to me!"

6) Interesting, have parents? Which of your parents do you look more like?
"My parents both have emerald eyes of course, which they gave me. It's a family trait. I wouldn't be surprised if they made emerald eyes a condition for choosing my future husband... My red hair is more like mother's, I got a lot of my looks from her. But I'm less...serious, to say the least. Both of my parents are talented gem users, so because of that they like to remind me I'm not very much like them at all. That's funny huh, when we look so similar?" *awkward laugh*

7) Who's your best friend, do you have more than one?
"'s Raiz! Haha, I had to think about that. I was very popular in my squad, but no one really hung out with me like Raiz and I do now. They must have been intimidated by my lance skills, so I don't blame them!"

"But y'know, I really should thank Raiz for sticking by me. No one has ever really understood me like she does, or really tried to..."

8) Oh, that's cool! Have a crush/lover? If so, what do you like about them? Is there anything you don't like about them? Be honest I won't tell!~
*awkward* "Haha, I'm a little young for that... Not even my parents are pressuring me about that yet, though I'm not sure they would bother until I'm old enough for marriage. Assuming I'm accepted back into the family by then. But uh, none of the guys have really stood out to me, they all sort of blur together to be honest."

9) Do you ever plan on having kids or adopting? Do you even like kids?
"Oh yeah, I love kids! They're so funny, and they love it when I show them my lance skills! >:^D "

"I guess I just have a way with them. I haven't thought a whole lot about having kids myself, but I like the idea. Can't be that hard, right?"

10) Do you have any secrets? If so, your secret is safe with me! 
"Um, nope! I'm pretty much an open book. :D "

11) Interesting, okay! What's your weakness, have any?
"Haha, as much as I'd like to say I don't have any..."

"I have a nerve disorder that blocks the flow of energy in my body, meaning I don't have any ability to use gemstones without the help of a tool, like my lance. The doctor told my parents it was the worst case she'd ever seen; it's so bad it's hard to bring out the energy even with my lance. Because of that, my parents had pretty much given up on me ever taking over the family business (even before I was kicked out). So instead of studying gemancy, I studied the blade! I was really good and fighting and physical stuff, but my parents didn't care about that. So I've resolved to be the best knight of them all, so I can earn their respect, and though that hasn't happened yet it's gotten me really far!"

"Even though there's something I can't do, I'd much rather focus on what I can do. I'm a great fighter, I've worked hard to become a great fighter, and I'm really proud of that! So what if I don't know a thing about gemancy, or how to cook, or how to do long division, that's what I have Raiz for! And if I really could do everything, then maybe I wouldn't have her and I would hate that. And I'm sure she feels the same way when I beat strong guys and do the heavy lifting for her, even if she won't say it!"

"Whoa, that turned into a speech there, sorry about that! But take it from me, believe in yourself. >:^D "

12) What are some of your greatest fears? Have a phobia?
"I ain't afraid of no things but...when it comes to the dark, I really don't like being alone."

13) If you could make a wish come true, what would you wish for?
"I would say 'to become the strongest, and most loved knight of all time' wouldn't feel like I've really earned it, y'know? How about an infinite supply of sweets!"

14) Can I hug you?
"Of course, I always have hugs for my fans! :^D "

15) How would you describe yourself in three words?
"Strong, amazing, the best...wait."

16) Ever been bullied or picked on? If so, did you ever get them back?
"We've fought a lot of strong guys, but I really wouldn't call that bullying... People are usually too in awe of me to ever think of bullying me! Plus, they'd probably just get on my family's bad side, and no one wants that."

17) What are your favorite things to do?
"I really like training, of course! Wouldn't be where I am today if working up a sweat was too much of a bother."

"...Boring answer, huh? Well, I also like painting, horseback riding, pool (it's like lancing), improv theater, and loads of board and card games (most of them single-player)! Almost all of them I can't bring with me on the road. I'm teaching Raiz some card games, but I miss my horse Beryl. :'^( "

18) Have you killed anyone or committed a crime?
[answer postponed until I figure some shit out]

19) What was your favorite toy as a child, and whatever happened to it?
"My parents got me a little bear toy when I was born. I keep it on the mantle in my room and never touch it, I don't want to damage it! I already had to get it repaired once after I had chewed off its ear as a toddler... It's the only thing my parents ever gave me that wasn't practical. The rest I bought myself, or was given to me by the staff at birthdays and such. But this bear, it's sort of the proof that deep down my parents really do care, and see me as their daughter. Or at least, they did at some point. And now it's up to me to bring that love out of them again!"

20) Ah, interesting, well this meme is almost over! Just one more question, what is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
"Well, when I was really little I brought over a friend to my estate. I was so excited, I wanted to show father right away so I dragged her to him. He was having a meeting with some foreign gem merchants, and so when I burst into the room to tell him he slapped me and told me not to interrupt him. I was so upset, I...had an accident in front of everyone... I never saw that girl again, and I was so ashamed I never brought anyone home again. I don't ever want to feel like that again."

it's funny how little Raizel said in the last one, but Meraud is like "an excuse to talk about me??". but uh, it got a little emotional at the end, sorry about that

if you wanna do it, DO IT
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