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Hello, this is Akuto! I'm an aspiring writer, but I also dabble into art every once in a while. It's been my dream to write children's and young adult fiction since I was young, but I'm very slow (hopefully I'll be able to put up some of my work soon, though). My art style is fairly generic and anime-like, but I'm working hard to improve and make it my own. I also take photos of cosplay from the conventions I've been to.

My most prominent interest is anime/manga, but I also love a wide variety of shows, video games, books, and hobbies to keep me well-rounded. I especially love Homestuck right now and much of my work revolves around it, but I assure you that it by far isn't the only thing I draw. I also draw some ponies, Pokemon, various OCs/original ideas, and other miscellaneous anime things.

I am the founder of The Secret Society of Fiction Writers, which is a group I've made for the purpose of helping fellow authors grow and improve their skills. Feel free to join! If you have trouble in the group please come to me personally.

Most anything else you could know about me can be found in my stamps!
so Imma do a meme because it makes me happy, stealing from :iconamykittenfox:

1) Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three or more other people.
4) Your allowed to tag back. (optional)

1) Hello!~ what's your full name? do you like your name?
"I'm Raizel. I..." *reads card handed to her* "'I totally have a surname, that I got from my parents, who also have the same name. No I can't tell you. No, I'm not just stalling for time.'"

*lazily lets card fall to the floor*

"Anyway yeah, I like my name. My dad said it means rose. He used to tell me how much trouble he went through coming up with it like, all the time. Everything he made for me has a rose on it, even my glasses."

*takes off her glasses to show a little rose etched into the frame*

2) Neat name! how old are you?
"I turned fourteen recently. I used to get bothered a bit about traveling at such a young age, but now that I'm older I don't hear that as often."

3) What exactly are you?
"I'm...a person? A girl, I guess? I dunno, it's weird when you phrase it like that... Ah, I am also a gem cutter, if that's what you mean?"

4)  Hmm, what's your favorite food/drink?
"Dad's cooking, especially his strawberry breakfast cakes. I also like hot chocolate, when I can find it." 

5) Cool! have any siblings? if not have you ever wanted any?
"Nope, I'm an only child. I've never really thought about siblings, but they sound inconvenient."

6) Interesting, have parents? which of your parents do you look more like?
"Of course I have parents. I'm looking for them right now."

"I don't think I really look much like either of them but... I guess I look a little more like father. We both have dark hair...and I don't have a beard."

7) Who's your best friend? do you have more than one?

"Oh god I think Meraud is my best friend."

8) Oh, that's cool! have a crush/lover? if so what do you like about them? is there anything you don't like about them? be honest i won't tell~
"You're getting pretty nosy. I'm not interested in that right now...or at all, come to think of it."

"Being with other people for long periods of time...I'm still not used to it. It makes me uncomfortable, sitting right next to me all the time, talking my ear off, eating all my food, sleeping so close she gets her long red hair up my nose...if that's what it means to 'share a life together', anyone would be annoyed!"

9) Do you ever plan on having kids or adopting? do you even like kids?
"That feels like a whole lot of none of your business. I'm having a hard time being a kid now! And the only other person I know that's my age is loud, obnoxious, self-important, clingy, and completely dense!"


"Okay, this obviously isn't the best time for this question. Ask me again in a few years."

10) Do you have any secrets? if so your secret is safe with me!
"Not really, but if I had any I wouldn't be telling you. =_= "

11) Interesting, okay! what's your weakness? have any?
"Um...a lot of people tell me I don't have any 'tact'. But I'm only telling them the truth. What, do they want me to lie?"

12) what's are some of your greatest fears? have a phobia?
"I don't like heights."

13) If you could make a wish come true, what would you wish for?
"I wish my parents could come back from wherever they were taken, so we could go home and I could show them everything I've learned about gem cutting, and eat dad's food again, and sleep in a real bed without worrying about paying for food or tools."

"But y'know, that's just a thought."

14) Can I hug you? 

*looking pretty vulnerable from the last question*

"...I guess."

15) How would you describe yourself in three words?
"Intelligent, talented, rational."

16) Ever been bullied or picked on? if so did you ever get them back?
"There weren't really a lot of people my age back home, and we lived a bit out of the ways for anyone to really pay attention to us. But since then I've been attacked by thieves, and rival gem hunters, and things like that..."

"I guess I got some of them back by myself, but if things got too hot to handle I'd just focus on getting out of there. Until I met Meraud...she gets us into even more trouble with that big mouth of hers, but if there's one thing she's good at it's roughhousing so I guess it evens out?"

17) What are your favorite things to do?
"I like gem cutting obviously, and polishing. I also like finding gems, or learning about gems...or thinking about the kinds of gems I'll never be able to afford."

"...What? Gem-cutting it what I've wanted since I was a kid, of course I think about it all the time!"

"Preparing meals is also nice I guess, and reading if I get the chance. I'm on the road a lot, which doesn't leave room for a lot of hobbies, but despite all of it's problems I really do enjoy seeing new things every day in my travels."

18) have you killed anyone or committed a crime?
"I haven't killed anyone, no. But when I first started out, I did have to steal more than once. Never gems, even though they probably would've helped a lot (or at least sold for a lot). Besides the fact it would be too dangerous, I pride myself in only using gems I find or buy with my own money. Food, on the other hand...I may be in a better place now, but I've lost all my pride there."

19) What was your favorite toy as a child, and whatever happened to it?
"I don't suppose my rose-cut gem counts as a toy..."

"...I remember. My father made me a stuffed white rabbit toy for my birthday when I was really little. It got kind of gross over time, but I love it and didn't really mind. I guess I didn't think to bring it when I left...I kind of wish I did now."

20) Ah, interesting, well this meme is almost over! just one more question, What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
"Just being around Meraud is enough to give me second-hand embarrassment. I have a lot of stories from her alone, we'd be here all day."

no tagging, if you wanna do it do it!
  • Listening to: My grandma throwing up all night
  • Reading: The Black Jewels Trilogy
  • Watching: Kyle Kallgren
  • Playing: Breath of the Wild (finding all the korok seeds)
  • Eating: Cheese Burgers and Waffle Fries
  • Drinking: Water


Oh yeah, not sure how many dA people wanna know about it, but I made an art tumblr ( It doesn't have much now, but I'll post art, take requests, and talk to people there! Y'know, if you want
My tablet works with my new laptop :D

Maybe I'll be able to draw more often?
tfw you wait too long to start using the "status update" function and now you don't know wtf to use it for

tbh I was gonna start phasing myself out of dA, but now I guess I'm not so :/


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