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Emilio Cardinalli
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(I will do all of these for free, for both art and writing. I will accept MOST ideas that aren't TOO sexual or violent. The only thing you will have to pay is time: LOTS OF TIME. Please note me for more information~!)

Hello, this is Akuto! I'm an aspiring writer, but I also dabble into art every once in a while. It's been my dream to write children's and young adult fiction since I was young, but I'm very slow (hopefully I'll be able to put up some of my work soon, though). My art style is fairly generic and anime-like, but I'm working hard to improve and make it my own. I also take photos of cosplay from the conventions I've been to.

My most prominent interest is anime/manga, but I also love a wide variety of shows, video games, books, and hobbies to keep me well-rounded. I especially love Homestuck right now and much of my work revolves around it, but I assure you that it by far isn't the only thing I draw. I also draw some ponies, Pokemon, various OCs/original ideas, and other miscellaneous anime things.

I am the founder of The Secret Society of Fiction Writers, which is a group I've made for the purpose of helping fellow authors grow and improve their skills. Feel free to join! I'm also an admin for SOULEATER-4EVA and Karkat-Vantas-Fans, both of which are pretty self-explanatory. If you have trouble in any of these three groups please come to me personally.

Most anything else you could know about me can be found in my stamps!
...which is really not as ominous as it sounds. It may or may not be your business, but seeing as coloring my art is still the number one thing preventing me from uploading it to you guys I'm outsourcing the colors of most of my art to :iconerinkarsath:, who is a most excellent friend of mine in need of some money (read about that shit here, I really recommend you go commission her too: I need help). It's quite the beneficial arrangement for the both of us, and I think it will result in more output from me as well as the long awaited return of my sweet bestie from the hellhole that is Utah (no offense). Super win-win.

But what does this mean for my art exactly? Well not all of my art will be here anymore, as I'm pretty sure that my fully colored works will instead be on Erin's account. However, you will still see stuff from me. All of my requests, gift arts, trades, and commissions will still be done 100% by me, and in my own colors most of the time. It also means that I can work more on my other projects, such as my ask account :iconaskellipticlock: (barring more real-life bullshit).

Does this REALLY change anything for you? ...Probably not. Those of you who asked requests of me will see no change whatsoever, and those who are angrily awaiting my backlogged Kumoricon photos will remain disappointed (don't worry, THEY ARE COMING). And those of you who followed me out of pity *cough*allofyou*cough* will continue to expect nothing. But still, thought it'd be nice to clear up some confusion for once Erin's name starts popping up everywhere. :)
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: My First Friend
  • Reading: Homestuck Vol. 3
  • Watching: Daily Show Marathon *sniff*
  • Playing: Pokemon Rumble
  • Eating: dad drank all my cooking milk :'^(
  • Drinking: Flat Mt. Dew

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Your B-day is in 7 days

Jest tell me:
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* what Color is the BackGround?
by default, it will have 7 Candles, each one a different-color, on the top layer.
* what Color(s) is the Cake?

if you want Icing/Frosting on the cake, and what Color(s)?
if you want some Sprinkles, and what Color(s)?
if you want "(Happy B-day)", "(Your Deviant-Art name)" or other-thing you want me to write on your cake, and what Color?
* your Deviant-Name or your NickName

And I will make it!

Please answer you order like this:
Layers: ___;
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Cake: ___;
Icing/Frosting: ___;
Sprinkles: ___;
Text: ___: ___;

p.s. It cast only one "(Cake Badge)"!
If not, I'll do it for FREE ! 

P.S. PLEASE tell me if you DON'T want a CAKEPLEASE.

P.s. For the 
Specific ColorShadeplease say the Hexidecimal-Codes of the ColorShade that you want.…

p.s. If you don’t want one of the choice on your cake, don’t write it, and specify if you want Your-Name on the cake!

p.s. If you want, you can tell me the Tipe that you want.…
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