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Kamiya Akuto
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
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(I will do all of these for free, for both art and writing. I will accept MOST ideas that aren't TOO sexual or violent. The only thing you will have to pay is time: LOTS OF TIME. Please note me for more information~!)

Hello, this is Akuto! I'm an aspiring writer, but I also dabble into art every once in a while. It's been my dream to write children's and young adult fiction since I was young, but I'm very slow (hopefully I'll be able to put up some of my work soon, though). My art style is fairly generic and anime-like, but I'm working hard to improve and make it my own. I also take photos of cosplay from the conventions I've been to.

My most prominent interest is anime/manga, but I also love a wide variety of shows, video games, books, and hobbies to keep me well-rounded. I especially love Homestuck right now and much of my work revolves around it, but I assure you that it by far isn't the only thing I draw. I also draw some ponies, Pokemon, various OCs/original ideas, and other miscellaneous anime things.

I am the founder of The Secret Society of Fiction Writers, which is a group I've made for the purpose of helping fellow authors grow and improve their skills. Feel free to join! I'm also an admin for SOULEATER-4EVA and Karkat-Vantas-Fans, both of which are pretty self-explanatory. If you have trouble in any of these three groups please come to me personally.

Most anything else you could know about me can be found in my stamps!

Censorship is Complete Bullsh*t...

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 3:29 AM

(title censored for irony)

In the fifth generation of the Pokemon series, they introduced the censorship of Pokemon nicknames. It was only a minor annoyance though, since it would only apply in the Global Trade function, where anonymous people from all around the world could send Pokemon with inappropriate nicknames to whoever. This restricted some freedoms, but when it came to naming Pokemon for your own amusement within the context of YOUR game it wasn't an issue.

But unfortunately, in sixth gen you can't even begin to name yourself or your Pokemon anything that even slightly hints at a slur. And the worst part of it is that real, common names (such as Dick, Violet, or Humphrey to name a few) aren't allowed anywhere in the game. They censor anything from outright cussing (like shit) to obscure slang (hash, shiz, etc.), wiping out anything that just so happens to string a few random letters in a name.

Today I transferred all my Pokemon from Black 2 to Y, and here are the completely innocent names that were blocked:

Fukada (for 'fuk' instead of 'fuck', I assume)
WanShiTong (accidently spells out 'shit')
Ritsuka (for...who knows what! 'suk'??)
Shizuo ('shiz', because a misspelling of 'shit' might scar a seven-year-old)
Kakeru (I would really like this particular retraction explained to me, since it's at the cost of naming my hard-earned shiny)

Some actually Pokemon names are falling in this too, such as Weedle (for 'weed') or Cofagrigus (for 'fag').

The thing is, I do see why a gaming company would seek to protect youngsters who buy their products from internet bullying, but the system is far too inclusive and, frankly, could be better coded. A simple patch could make it so the algorithm can tell the different between someone who's actually trying to use the word and someone who just happened to place these letters together by sheer coincidence. It wouldn't even be a hard fix.

I don't blame Gamefreak for this, since they're just following regulations set by the designers of the 3DS system. Other games like Kid Ikarus: Uprising and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance also follow similar restraining protocol with their naming systems. I just personally find the whole charade insulting; who are you trying to please? All this accomplishes is stifling the player's creativity, and that makes any game less fun.

And in the end, it doesn't really need to protect anyone. A lot of these words (or crude spellings of these words) would surprise me if a small child knew what they meant. And many of them (such as the drug-related ones) aren't even insults, so who do they hurt? Most importantly, when any customer first boots up a new 3DS they have to sign a lot of waivers, most of these protecting Nintendo from any legal action taken against them for anything the customer may experience from the devices' wireless internet features, such as name-calling and bullying from strangers on the internet. The point is, if a device has the same features as any computer such as the internet, then it should be as free as any computer including freedom of expression.

...Sorry I'm ranting, I'm just pretty pissed by this.

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Would you rather see only finished products from me or more WIPs (like sketches)? 

12 deviants said Maybe a WIP every once in a while, just to know you're still working!
7 deviants said Finished products only!
4 deviants said Upload every sketch you produce, as well as colors!


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