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Spider's Circus Chapter 1 part 2
Later that night, Willson was able to hear the circus music drifting into the mansion from an open window. He picked up the black mamba and let him slither around his shoulder and settled into his epaulets before he left the mansion.
 When he got outside, he realized the two things he had forgotten:  First, he had forgotten to unhook his horse from the cart, and second, the cart was still full of food, some of it perishable.
Cursing his stupidity, but not caring enough to do anything about the food, Willson unhooked the horse's saddle from the cart and mounted, kicking the horse into a gallop as he raced towards the fairgrounds.  
When he was several metres away from the main tent, Willson slowed the horse to a halt and dismounted. He crept to the side of the main circus tent, trying to concentrate on the task on hand, however, the deafening carnival music made it hard to focus on his own thoughts. Making sure there was no one that looked like staff wondering about, he s
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74(Traditional) by SpidersCircus 74(Traditional) :iconspiderscircus:SpidersCircus 7 2
Spider's Circus Chapter 1 part 1
A spider clung to a web as it peered down through eight beady eyes, watching a tall man move from place to place in his mansion, attending to the needs of each animal and its cage residing there. The man didn't suspect a thing, for why should he? There was nothing strange about a few spiders indoors when  you lived in the woods.  However, through the eyes of the spider, another watched.
Using the eyes of the insect to spy on the man, a woman sat, staring into an orb. "Hmm…Willson B. Thomas III?"  her voice purred, "So, this is where you've been hiding? It's taken me long enough to find you… but don't worry… soon enough you'll be playing by my rules… just you wait.."  

  Willson B. Thomas III huffed as he slapped his purple top hat on his head.  Why? This was the one day of the entire year that he had to leave the safety and isolation of the mansion he called h
:iconspiderscircus:SpidersCircus 2 2
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Emilio Cardinalli
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
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Commission Sheet by KamiyaAkuto

[Slots Open: 3/3]

Hello, this is Akuto! I'm an aspiring writer, but I also dabble into art every once in a while. It's been my dream to write children's and young adult fiction since I was young, but I'm very slow (hopefully I'll be able to put up some of my work soon, though). My art style is fairly generic and anime-like, but I'm working hard to improve and make it my own. I also take photos of cosplay from the conventions I've been to.

My most prominent interest is anime/manga, but I also love a wide variety of shows, video games, books, and hobbies to keep me well-rounded. I especially love Homestuck right now and much of my work revolves around it, but I assure you that it by far isn't the only thing I draw. I also draw some ponies, Pokemon, various OCs/original ideas, and other miscellaneous anime things.

I am the founder of The Secret Society of Fiction Writers, which is a group I've made for the purpose of helping fellow authors grow and improve their skills. Feel free to join! If you have trouble in the group please come to me personally.

Most anything else you could know about me can be found in my stamps!

Commission Sheet by KamiyaAkuto
Hey, if you like what you see please hit me up for a commission when one of my slots open! You can contact me through notes or comments, or ask me to give you my discord code to talk to me there.


  • $5 for a sketch on lined paper
  • $10 for transparent line art in any color, or to have it filled in with ONE color, either drawn with a mouse on GIMP or with a tablet on SAI
  • $20 for flat colors, and line art can be colored or left black (both GIMP and SAI)
  • $25 for minimalist, lineless style (both GIMP and SAI)
  • $5 extra for background and any additional character

I will draw for any fandom I recognize! Here are a few, but you can always ask:

  • Homestuck
  • Pokemon
  • Steven Universe
  • MLP:FiM
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Harry Potter
  • DC Comics/Marvel
  • Voltron
  • Many more!
  • I’m also willing to do OCs, both fandom and original story

Please keep in mind that many of these I’ve never tried drawing for before, but so long as I know it I’m willing to try!

I WON’T draw:

  • Anything that could be tagged NSFW or 18+ or the like, whether it be sexual or gory.
  • Anything from fandoms I don’t know.
  • Anything else I give a no to. Hate to be vague, but there are a few things that slip just under NSFW that might make me uncomfortable to draw/too complex that didn’t occur to me to write here. But I doubt this’ll happen often.

Payment will be transferred over paypal. Anything else can be discussed with me!

  • Listening to: Star Trek beeps
  • Reading: *shrug*
  • Watching: Star Trek
  • Playing: I tried a bit of my brother's Breath of the Wild
  • Eating: Scrambled Eggs
  • Drinking: Strawberry Lemonade


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 I had a "Happy Anniversary" yesterday( September 17th.)
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